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"One of the greatest gifts a parent can give a child is the ability to believe in yourself. As You Go delivers this vote of confidence in unmistakable terms. 'Set fear aside, cast off with pride! Through uncharted waters, your inner compass will guide.' What an empowering message!"

     Jack Canfield
     Co-author of Chicken Soup for the Soul on Living Your Dreams®


The very first note we received about this book attests to its power to help both parent and child navigate this key rite of passage:

Our 1st testimonial


"This unique book is perfect for a graduate of any age...." For the full text of Mary McCarthy's review on one of the web's most popular sites,, read her article "Unique Gifts for Graduates--Creative Ways to Congratulate Your Favorite Graduate."


"I just received my book and CD.  I loved the music from the website and I was hoping for something special, but the book is absolutely beautiful! Thank you so much! I am sure it will be something my daughter will cherish for many years to come."
     - H.K., Kansas (4/2/2008)

"Love it!"
     N.R., Delaware (10/3/2007)

"A beautiful portrayal of the love of a parent for a child"
     -R.G., Connecticut (9/26/2007)

"The package just arrived and the book is all I could ask for, and more."
     - J.B., Vermont (8/7/2007)

"I'm delighted with the book! As a widow, mother of three lovely daughters, I saw them leave the house one by one, and everything that I wanted to say to them at that time is in As You Go. The girls are so strong and fearless, so confident and peaceful, brave and ready for sailing the 'seven seas', so I really want to write in this book, put in some special pictures, and send them one each. All the words and feelings you wrote in the book is just like my heart talking. Thank you, thank you so much!"
     - E.Q., Brasil (3 Dec. 2007)


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About this book

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