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Raise funds for the after-prom party

Are you the parent of a high-school senior? Are you looking to raise funds for the after-prom party (or some other worthy cause)? As You Go can help.

The response we've received to As You Go has been extremely positive. Hailed as "the perfect send-off gift," many parents will want to buy As You Go as a graduation gift or send-off gift for their sons and daughters anyway. Instead of some bookstore making the profit, why not have your own organization make the profit?

Publisher OceanBridge Communications offers substantial discounts directly to school-affiliated parent organizations. Discounts start at only 25 copies and enable you to raise hundred or even thousands of dollars for the after-prom party.

We're firm believers in the whole concept of the post-prom party for several reasons:

  • it keeps the kids in a safe alcohol- and drug-free environment,
  • it avoids tragic accidents on this special night, and
  • it allow parents to have fun building friendships with other parents as they work together to create something special for their kids.

Since As You Go is also a scrapbook, it's a perfect place to include photos from the prom and after-prom itself!

For details, promotional materials and order forms, please call OceanBridge Communications at (610) 358-4666 or toll-free at 1-888-ocean-18 (888-623-2618). Or contact us via email and let us know the best time to call you.


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